SCC Quebec Suppliers Day Recap

In about an hour, I’m going to be doing a talk at the dinner meeting portion of the SCC Quebec Supplier’s Day. But before that I got the chance to attend the show.

There were nearly 50 booths and the event seemed well attended. I talked to a number of the various suppliers looking to see what the hot trends are in the cosmetic raw material industry.

A few observations…

1. The green movement is alive and well. Most of the companies were touting the naturalness of their offerings. A corn-based substitue for Propylene Glycol was rather interesting.

2. Alternative preservatives abound. I noticed a lot of companies that had alternatives to paraben and formaldehyde donor preservatives. Most of these were based on phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, or salicylic acid. I didn’t see a lot of new molecules though.

3. Slow embrace of technology. There was one company that used an iPad to collect customer information but most everyone continued to use business cards and pen & paper. I anticipate some day this will be different but it will take a while.

Overall, an excellent show. I’m looking forward to doing the talk later. Coincidentally, it is on using the Internet (and technology) to do your job more efficiently.

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