Article by: Perry Romanowski

Interview:  Robert Tisserand starts at 2:00

Robert is an international speaker, educator and industry consultant who has helped to bring widespread professional and public recognition to aromatherapy. In the past few years, he has inspired live audiences robert-tisserand-essential-oilson 4 continents, including, in 2014, Prague, San Paulo and Beijing. He tracks all the published research on essential oils, and has 40 years of experience in aromatherapy product development. His 1977 text, The Art of Aromatherapy, has been translated into 11 languages, and his co-authored book Essential Oil Safety is regarded by aromatherapists as the industry standard for safety guidelines.

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Avoid Papain in your formulations.  It causes skin allergies.


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    Essential oils are a mash of different chemical compounds, how can you say that some absorb (or don’t absorb) into the skin? Example provided-chamomile essential oil is too large to get absorbed into the skin, but then we have to break chamomile down by components. We should say some molecules particularly x,y,z , found in chamomile essential oil are too large to be absorbed into the skin, no? “Essentially” we need to analyze the essence of these essentials.

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