Productive Use of the Internet

Here at Chemists Corner, we have an online training course (the Complete Cosmetic Chemist) and we encourage everyone who would benefit to take the course.

But there are a number of other types of courses on the Internet. Best of all they are put out by various universities and are often free.

Here are a couple of our favorite sources.

1. Open Culture – Lists 400 online courses from top universities. Includes a number of Chemistry courses and Biology courses. Also useful are the Business courses. You can get really smart just going through these links.

Make Use of – This website lists a number of free online video lectures. We especially like the videos from Big Think.

You can sped a lot of time on the Internet. Instead of being unproductive by watching funny cat videos, spend your time learning and improving yourself. This could ultimately lead to you having the ability to create something like your own product line or business, and this is a goal worth pursuing.

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