On becoming an expert cosmetic chemist

Here is the 5-minute, speed talk I did at the Midwest SCC November dinner meeting.  The idea is that speakers get 5 minutes to talk about a topic.  There must be 20 slides and the slides automatically move after 15 seconds.  It’s really a challenging way to give a talk.

The topic I picked was just meant to encourage people to become experts at their chosen field and discussed the steps to do it.  Essentially,

Step 1 – Develop a general knowledge of all cosmetic science then pick a niche to specialize in.

Step 2 – Share your expertise with the world by writing, giving talks, and communicating with people.

Step 3 – Continue to learn.  The field is constantly changing and experts have to keep up.

Midwest SCC meeting

We had a total of 7 talks at the meeting and everyone did a great job getting their ideas across in only 5 minutes.  I’m hoping this becomes a regular feature of the SCC meetings.  I’d love to see a National SCC version of this.

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