New Source For Personal Care Science Information

There’s an interesting new website that promises to provide people with information about cosmetic and personal care products based on scientific facts.

It’s called Personal Care Truth and it looks pretty well done thus far.

Personal Care Truth Founders

The website was begun by two beauty product makers. Kristin Fraser Cotte is the founder of the Grapeseed Company which produces botanical beauty products from wine derivatives. Lisa Rodgers is the founder of Cactus and Ivy a manufacturer of cruelty free, vegan, and natural bath and body products.

Most impressively, they’ve assembled a group of experts which includes formulators, beauty product manufacturers, writers and cosmetic scientists.

The website is just getting started but you can already find some great articles about SLS, natural products, and cosmetic regulations. This is definitely one I’m going to add to my RSS feed reader.

We’ll have to get an interview with them on the Chemists Corner podcast.

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