New Naturals Cosmetic Formulation Program Coming Soon

Last week I spent a couple days working with the instructors of our new Formulating Natural Products online training course.

Here’s a shot of Art Georgalas as he’s taping one of his segments. I think it was the one on natural Fats and Oils.natural cosmetic formulation

And our other instructor is Judi Beerling from Organic Monitor. Here is an action shot of her speaking about the definition of Naturals.Formulating natural cosmetics

The course will be launching in December and will feature 9 online lessons going through a variety of ingredients and how they are put into natural formulas. The course will also come with a copy of Tony Dweck’s book Formulating Natural Cosmetics.

Stay tuned because we’ll be giving away a FREE naturals book in the coming weeks as a promotional item for the course.

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