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Module List

Module 1 – Defining Naturalness
This lesson introduces you to the concept of natural and organic cosmetic products. After completing this lesson you’ll have all the background information you need to get started creating your own cosmetic formulas.
Module 2 – Functional Natural Raw Materials
After completing this lesson you’ll know about all the raw materials you need to make your natural formulations perform. This is the key information that every natural formulator needs to know. You’ll learn natural substitution ingredients for standard cosmetic ingredients.
Module 3 – Aesthetic Natural Raw Materials
This lesson covers all the raw materials that you need to modify and stabilize your formulas to produce fresh cosmetic products that your consumers will naturally love. It gives you ingredients you can use in place of ones that are not appropriate for natural cosmetics.
Module 4 – Creating Natural Hair Care formulas
Learn how to make natural products that can address the hair problems of any consumer. This lesson will show you how to create a natural version of a number of standard hair products including…
Module 5 – Creating Natural Skin Care formulas
In this module you’ll learn how to make natural formulations that solve the most common skin problems reported by consumers. This lesson will cover formulas like
Module 6 – Marketing a natural cosmetic brand
Making the formula is only the first step in creating a successful natural cosmetic product. In this lesson you’ll learn the key characteristics needed to market a green or natural brand.
Here’s a quick list of what you can expect.
+ You’ll get all the knowledge required to formulate natural based cosmetic products delivered in 6 easy to understand lessons.
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+ There will be a cosmetic science forum where you can get questions answered by experts in the field and other cosmetic chemists around the world.
+ You’ll get a certificate of completion when you finish all the modules and quizzes.
+ There will be live conference calls where you’ll be able to get any questions you have answered directly.
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