Is this the next breakthru in wrinkle treatments?

I can’t tell if this is hype (probably) or if there is something to this new technology that is supposed to work like botox without needles. The basic story is that researchers took the active ingredient in Botox and put it into a topical treatment gel that supposedly removed crow’s feet wrinkles.

This could be an incredible advance in cosmetics, although it would be more likely an OTC since it is currently going through FDA drug trials.

The treatment is applied to the crow’s feet area, left on for half an hour, then wiped off. According to researchers, 90% of people who had the treatment showed clinically meaningful reduction in wrinkles. In a placebo group 28% saw an improvement. This is interesting itself. 28% of people saw a clinically meaningful improvement with a placebo? I wonder why that would be.

No matter what the results, this product would be a drug so it wouldn’t be directly competing with cosmetics in the US market anyway. But it does make you wonder. With drugs like this, would cosmetics have any chance to compete?

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