Is this the future of hair care?

When you formulate cosmetic products long enough you start to think that everything that can be invented has been invented. In fact, it’s pretty tough to imagine formulators creating a better shampoo.

Cosmetic formulators are a lot like cooks and face the same problem. Egg omelets were introduced hundreds of years ago and they haven’t really changed much in a long time.

But even if improved formulations are only a small part of the cosmetics of the future, certainly technology will open up all new avenues.

Hair care of the future

Here’s a story about a hair-washing robot that is supposed to make it easier for older people to do their hair.

Panasonic developed the robot that can both wash and dry hair. It automatically shampoos, rinses, conditions and dries hair.

It can even keep track of different people’s head and adjust its action based on who is getting their hair washed. I guess these are the hair stylists of the future. No doubt they will be programmed to recommend expensive salon brands.

Want to see what it looks like? Check out this video.

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