Is the end of gray hair near?

I saw this interesting news story about a group of European researchers who say they have found a treatment that can eliminate gray hair. gray-hair-solution

Two things strike me about this story.

First, the researchers say that hair turns gray because of a build-up of hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles. This isn’t my understanding of what causes gray hair at all. In fact, in the excellent book “Practical Modern Hair Science” the authors explain that hair turns gray because the melanocytes stop producing pigment. Perhaps my understanding of graying hair is wrong? Hmmm…

Second, they are making some pretty extraordinary claims. The end of gray hair? Come on. They’ll need more proof than this one study to support that claim.

Still, gray hair is an area of lots of basic research as scientists would be happy to find a treatment that stops it from happening. Until then, it will take we cosmetic chemists and our skills with hair dye to keep gray haired people looking young.

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