Innovation Inspiration – 010

As an ongoing project, we here at Chemists Corner try to put up posts that might inspire people to come up with truly innovative new cosmetic products.  The majority of things that are invented now are simply minor tweaks on existing technology.  We would love to see some incredible new breakthroughs.  Only by actively brainstorming wacky ideas will completely new innovations get invented.  Of course, most of these will be useless but it only takes one idea to make something really new.

All your consumers are Synesthete

Are you familiar with the concept of synesthesia?  This is the idea that there are people out there who have wires crossed in their brains and can experience mixed sensations.   That is they can smell colors simply by looking at them or they experience taste sensations by reading certain words.

Wonder if you are a synesthete?  Take the test on this website.

Innovation exercise

So, imagine that your consumers are all synesthetes.  How would you make your products different to appeal to them?

List 5 ideas

Here are mine.

1.  Remove fragrance from products.  Use colors to adjust the fragrance.
2.  Remove colors from products.  Use product name to change the color.
3.  Sell products in bottles shaped like letters and number to change the experience.
4.  Use meaningless combinations of letters to create unique sensorial experiences in consumer
5.  Name your products by days of the week to give them characters.

Ok, your turn.  Add some ideas if you have some.


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