How to influence people

As a cosmetic chemist or cosmetic entrepreneur, you need to develop the power to influence other people to get the things done that you want to accomplish.  If you have a new project idea you want your company to initiate or you want customers to buy your cosmetic line, you have to know what motivates people to take action.

Interestingly enough scientists have been researching the question of what influences people for the last 60 years and they have developed some theories.  This video explains it pretty well.


The 6 principles of persuasion include…

1. Reciprocity - You give something to someone & they feel obligated to give something for you.
2. Scarcity - People want something more when there is a limited supply.
3. Authority - People follow the lead of credible experts
4. Consistency - People who purchased from you before are more likely to purchase again
5. Liking - People prefer to say yes to people that they like
6. Consensus - Most people do what other people are doing

How do you use these principles?

Now that you know these 6 persuasion principles think of some ways that you might employ them to convince people to do what you want them to do. If you start your own cosmetic line and you want people to try your product, what do these principles suggest you should do? (Give away free samples, make a limited supply, get people to like you, etc.)

If you are a cosmetic formulator and you have an idea for a new product or cost savings project think of how you might use these techniques to get these things done at your company.

These are the types of subjects that chemists and other natural scientists do not study in college. But they are exactly the types of things that will lead to a more successful career or business. That makes them well worth learning and implementing.

August 8, 2020

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