Article by: Perry Romanowski

As a cosmetic chemist you have to hone certain skills to be able to discern subtle differences between formulation prototypes. These skills include things like determining differences in feel, picking up differences in odor, and noticing color differences.

While it’s tough to practice the former using only the Internet, the color skills can be done remotely and digitally.

Color matching skills

Here’s a pretty good test for you to try and see how well developed your color matching skills have become.

Online color challenge

In case you were curious, I tried it once and got a score of 38 (on a scale of 0-99). Lower is better so I’m only slightly better than average. I guess I better practice if I’m going to start formulating again.

What is your score?


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    I got a score of 0 (perfect score)! I am a Chemical Engineering graduate and I have been trying to apply to Cosmetic Chemist/Formulation positions online for a while now with no luck. I noticed a lot of the positions ask for colour matching skills, so I was wondering if you have any tips for me to prove I have this skill? Maybe courses I can take online? Or should I mention my score on this test on my resume?

    I checked the X-rite website and they offer a course (with certification) called Colour Measurement Essentials, do you think I should take it? Would it make a difference?

    Your advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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      Perry Romanowski

      If people are asking for color matching skills then a certification like that might be helpful.

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    I’m proud to say I scored a 4 with no prior color matching experience at all! Now I’m ready to start creating some colors and eyeshadow pallets!

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    I did this test last year @my was first day that i went back from maternity leave.I got a 4 in 3minutes.I was gonna do it again now but it’s not possible android.I love to match colors 🙂

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    I got a 4 both times on two different computers. I tried the first time with a old dell, and the second time with a Ma. I thought Mac would give me better resolution, but I only ended up straining my eyes even more.

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    I got 7. Time to repaint the bedroom.

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      Great job! I’m feeling so inadequate. 😉

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    11, not bad (:

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    I am surprised of scoring 8!
    It may have to do with my 10 years of hair color formulating…

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      Great job! I need to practice.

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    Wow! I got a 4.

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      Great job! Ok, now I feel like I’ve got to do it again. I can’t be that bad right?

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    Wow, You wouldn’t believe, but they showed me that my score is exactly 0. At first, I thought, that it is a very very bad result – OK, I thought, I am not a color chemist :)) But when I compared with Yours – perfect 🙂 But my eyes are now really tired after this test 🙂 Nice test! I would give it to my colleague-man – it is said, that men know only a few shades of colours 😀

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      After other comments I really was scared of my results 😀 so I checked this test once more, maybe I misunderstood smth. But, 0 is 0 🙂 Everything is OK with my eyes!

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    OMG I have a headache, but then my score proves that I have recently worked in color cosmetics with a score of just 6 😉

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      Wow! An excellent score. I think I’m going to try again and concentrate a bit more.

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    Mark Fuller

    I got a 41, Guess that reinforces my decision not to do Color Cosmetics!

    I would be curious to try this in a controlled setting (proofed print master, controlled lighting) and then test a Colrimeter for accuracy.

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      An excellent idea

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