Hot trends to look for in 2015

Euromonitor is a market research company who covers the beauty market.  They put together a white paper suggesting some trends that will be popular in 2015.  Here is the list.  You can get the full report heretrends-2015

1.  Buying convenience - Consumers are finding it easier to buy products online or through their phones.  Beauty brands need to have online distribution to be successful.

2.  Brand activism - More brands are tying in some social good with purchases of their products.  This might be a good way to grow a new beauty brand.  Find a cause that people will care about.

3.  Vloggers and Bloggers - They are going to have an even bigger impact on what people buy in the coming year.

4.  Sharing consumers - I’m not sure how this will play out with cosmetics but perhaps a company can buy in bulk and sell to groups.

5.  Malls build communities - While online purchasing is going to increase shopping centers and malls are gearing more towards being a place for people to gather.  Big brands can’t ignore retail opportunities.

6.  Millenial purchasers - There are 2.6 billion of them and they’re going to start buying.  Better have some cosmetics for them to purchase.

7.  Consumers demand privacy - Not sure how this will affect cosmetics.

8.  World shopping - With online purchases people can buy cosmetics from around the world.  All brands will be global and might have to adapt to local regulations.

9.  Virtual reality - This is going to grow in 2015.  Perhaps people will be able to virtually design their own cosmetics and have finished product sent to them.

10. Focus on well-being - Consumers will be more focused on their health and monitoring it, especially using mobile apps.  This should be good news for brands positioned as healthy.


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