Article by: Perry Romanowski

Did you know that the year 2013 is the first time since 1987 in which which all the digits of the year are different?

That’s just the kind of thing we think about here at Chemists Corner when we are not writing about formulating or starting a cosmetic business.

It’s been a fun year on Chemists Corner.  We’ve written more than in any previous year, we started a new video feature, posted some podcasts and re-designed the blog a bit.  We’ve also had more traffic to the website (>1500 visits a day) than at any other time.  I’m very proud of that.

The biggest news is that in 2013 we will be publishing more.  Specifically, books about cosmetic science that you have told us you most want to read.  Stay tuned for more about this.  Also, if you haven’t signed up for our free ebooks, just put your information in the box on the side.

Happy New Year!



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    Happy New Year. I really learn a lot from your website. Thank you!

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    Happy New Year and thanks for all the great content over the previous one.

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      Thanks Colin! Happy New Year to you too. Looking forward to your posts next year.

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    Happy New Year Perry, wishing you the best in 2013 🙂

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      Thanks Aram!

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