Formulating into the new year

One of my favorite times of year is the beginning.  This is when I get to reset everything and come up with a new list of goals.  I have a whole process where I spend a bunch of hours brainstorming different ideas in 5 main categories including health, relationships, personal growth, impact on the world and business. 2015 goals
Chemists Corner falls in the business categories of goals.  So, this post is about all the goals I have for 2015 as it pertains to Chemists Corner.  This will give you an idea of what’s to come and also help keep me motivated to get it all done.

Primary projects

There are four primary projects that we will be getting done this year.  These include (with target dates to accomplish)

1.  Launching a Formulating Natural Cosmetics course (First quarter)
2.  Re-launching our Practical Cosmetic Formulating course (Second quarter)
3.  Re-launching our Cosmetic Launch Coach course (Third quarter)
4.  Publishing a Practical Cosmetic Formulating book (Fourth quarter)

So, look for some new emails, blog posts, and videos specifically related to those courses.  They are going to keep me busy but I’m looking forward to creating these courses.

Chemists Corner website

Late in 2013 I lost all the information from my websites.  Fortunately, I had a backup of most of chemists corner but I did lose my entire forum and the formatting of the website.  I have never quite gotten the website design back to where I wanted.  So this year we’re going to focus on redesigning the website to make it more useful.  We’ve got nearly 1000 posts written and yet there is no easy way to find them.  I’m going to create an article page which nicely sorts articles by topics.

This will also give me a good idea of what topics still need to be written about.  Last year I wasn’t so great about publishing as consistently to the blog.  This year, I’m going to change that.  We’re going back to the daily publishing (maybe take weekends off).

I’m also going to revamp the Chemists Corner podcast a bit to ensure that I record that on a more timely basis.  The biggest challenge with doing the podcast is getting someone to interview.  If I tweak the format a bit, I think it will be easier to commit to getting a new episode out every week.  So this year we should have 50 new episodes of the Chemists Corner podcast.

I also want to get back to doing some of the video work that we’ve done on occasion.  The biggest challenge with video is that it takes a lot of time to do.  However, I’m going to commit to doing at least one new video a month so a total of 12.  I’m not sure how they will turn out but I’ll have fun trying.

Cosmetic Science

January is always a time for renewal and the subject of cosmetic science still fascinates me.  There is much to write about and hopefully, I’ll be able to produce enough interesting content to fill up the coming year.

But even if I don’t there is always the cosmetic science forum where you can go and talk about cosmetic science and get answers to any question you might have.  It’s free to join!


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