Formulate Differently

Here’s a short video worth watching. Phil McKinny explains why “best practices” is not a great way to do innovations.

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A quote that I love

“If everyone is special than no one is special.”

In the world of innovation you have to stand out and be different. Doing what everyone else is doing will not lead to new, innovative products. You have to be different. If you are formulating just like everyone else, you are not going to create products that are different.

Formulate differently

One of my favorite formulators told me a story about how she was searching through old formulating books and re-discovering formulating techniques that have long since been abandoned. There may have been good reasons why modern formulators are not using these techniques anymore, but she wanted to learn for herself. If you want to be innovative, you should too.

This strategy of doing something that no one else is doing certainly has the best potential for creating truly innovative cosmetic formulations.

Remember, do something different.

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