Evidence for Beauty From Within Products

There is a trend in the cosmetic industry some market research folks have labeled ‘beauty from within’. These are products which consumers are supposed to ingest to realize the benefit.

For example, BORBA Age Defying Skin Balance water.

In truth, I’ve been a bit skeptical of this trend. There is very limited data that suggests you can have a specific effect on skin by eating a certain product.

There certainly have been studies that show some foods have an effect on skin. For example, eating a diet rich in tomatoes has shown to protect skin from UV damage. But the conclusion of these is that there is only a small effect and you should still use standard sunscreens if you are going to be in the sun.

Here is a recent study that looked at the effect of what you eat has on your skin color. In this research, scientists found that you could indeed improve the appearance of your skin color by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables that you eat. This is just preliminary research but it is interesting. It also coincides with an idea I had to see if I could turn my skin orange by eating enough carrots. I once ate 3 pounds in one evening but didn’t see any skin color change.

Cosmetic chemists ingredients

While I don’t find the current crop of ‘beauty from within’ products to be compelling (there’s little evidence that they work), research like these two do suggest that there may be something to this field of cosmetic development.

Perhaps, innovative cosmetic chemists will have to study up on nutrition and create some products that really are effective.

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