Could You Start Your Own Cosmetics Business?

I’ve always believed that the smartest people in the cosmetic industry are the scientists who make and test the products. Which has always made me wonder why more of them haven’t gone out to start their own companies. It’s easier to do now than ever before, only a small investment is required and it can be done in your spare time.

This story about a YouTube user who got so popular that she was able to start her own cosmetics company might be just the inspiration you need.

Of course, this is not to suggest you must go out and start your own company to be a successful cosmetic scientist. But if you’ve ever thought about it, why aren’t you doing anything about it now?

What do you think is holding you back?

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The job of a cosmetic chemist, or as they call it in the UK a cosmetic scientist, requires you to do a wide variety of things both in and out of the lab. Your main responsibility will be that of a formulator. This means you mix raw materials together to create cosmetic products like lipstick, nail polish, skin lotions, shampoos, toothpaste and any other type of personal care product.

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