Could this be part of the future of skin care?

As a cosmetic chemist, it is always good to keep an eye out on developments in other fields of science. I found this article about advancements in skin regrowing technology interesting and pondered how it might affect skin care of the future.

Spray on skin

According to the article, scientists have been able to take a small scraping of cells from a patient and disperse the cells in a solution of trypsin. When the solution is sprayed back on the burn site the melanocytes and basal stem cells take hold and start dividing and growing. In less than a week, healthy skin has replaced damaged skin.

Cosmetic connection

This is a great advancement for medicine and I look forward to following the developments of the clinical trials that are going to take place. But it also could be an intriguing new way to treat aging and damaged skin. I can imagine a future in which dermatologists take people’s own skin stem cells and spray them more evenly onto aged skin improving the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Is this skin care of the future?

Probably not for a decade or more but this certainly does point to a new direction in the development of skin care treatments.

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