Can help me with soap formulas as picture


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    edited November 2019
    You haven't asked a question that anyone could help with. What specifically do you want to know? Do you have an ingredient list?
  • Let me guess.. you want to understand how to make transparent soap? I am not a soaper but as far as I understand it is a regular hot process alkaline soap with zero superfat level and it also has a lot of glycerin and alcohol. And they obviously added some vegetation in it to make it look fancy. Google ‘hot process glycerin soap’
    having said that I cannot help myself not to add that syndets are much better than any soap, even a fancy one.
  • @Perry. Thank. I want to ask about ingredients

  • @ngarayeva001
    Yeah. I also have experience in soap. I know how to make transparent soap. But it usually a 100% reaction rate. If c16 is used, or c is larger, the viscosity is higher. But it really isn't inefficient cleaning. I saw this image in the group about soap. I really want to know if how there is any difference?. And how to make it?

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