Cosmetic Training Program available again

I just returned from an interesting trip to China where I
spoke at the PCHi trade show. There is a lot of interest
in cosmetic science in China right now! Did you know that
the per capita spend in China is only $10 per person per year!?

Talk about an emerging market!

I’m pleased to tell you that while I was gone the web & video
team were hard at work and we are ready to open the
Complete Cosmetic Chemist training program.

You can see more details here

Complete Cosmetic Chemist training program

If you are interested in learning how to become a cosmetic chemist,
a cosmetic science expert, or even have interest in learning what
is involved in launching your own line, this course could help you.

Cosmetic science course features

Take a look at these features we’re including in the program.

1. 12-lesson online, self-paced course. Watch when you want
2. Covers hair products, skin products, color cosmetics & more
3. Provides market data, science, formulation, batching & testing
4. Review more than 50 formulas
5. Download all slides & formulas
6. Copy of the book Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry
7. In-lab formulation demonstrations
8. Members-only forum for interactive Q&A
9. Bonus articles from C&T and GCI
10. Quizzes & a certificate of completion when you’re done!
11. Live call-in session to ask questions directly

And of course, I’ll also be available to answer email questions
about anything related to cosmetic science.

I look forward to working with you.

Perry, 44

PS. If you are worried the course will be too technical take
a look at this video about Naming Cosmetic Ingredients. This
is good background information and gives you an idea of the
level of detail we cover for each topic.

Note: In the program, the video / audio quality will be much better.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below

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