Article by: Perry Romanowski

Chemists Corner is dedicated to teaching you about the field of cosmetic science and how to become a cosmetic chemist. We’ve enjoyed writing blogs, discussing topics with you through the comments and doing the podcast.

Advanced Cosmetic Science Training

One of the most common questions we’re asked is whether there is some training program that people can take to help them become cosmetic scientists. For people who are looking for an advanced degree in cosmetic science, we’ve encouraged them to look into university sponsored programs like the University of Cincinnati or the Fairleigh Dickinson Program. These are excellent programs and if you can afford the time & money to attend, you should do it.

And if you are looking for additional training in specific areas of cosmetic science, you should certainly participate in some the many fine SCC continuing education programs.

Online Cosmetic Science

However, these programs are not suitable for everyone as they involve travel, years of commitment and a significant amount of money. They also cover much more material than is practically required to get started as a cosmetic chemist.

For people in this situation, we’ve created a training program called the Complete Cosmetic Chemist. It is an online course that goes over the fundamentals of cosmetic formulation. It is beginning soon and if you are interested, take a look at the course syllabus and sign up.

Complete Cosmetic Chemist syllabus

This promises to be a great program and we look forward to working with you.



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    Hello perry,
    Is your practical cosmetic formulating program is still open? Can i apply for this program

  2. Avatar

    hello perry! I’m thinking about applying to your practical cosmetic formulating course. I have one question. Do you ship raw materials needed for the practical course or do I have to purchase it myself?

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      No, we do not ship raw materials. You do not need raw materials to complete the course. You can get them to make the formulas presented but it is not a requirement.

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    Phyllis Allen

    When are you going to open up your training program to new students?

    Phyllis Allen

  4. Avatar

    Can I still sign up now? If not, when is the next course? Do u accept students from Philippines?

  5. Avatar

    This blog is one of my absolute favorites and an almost daily visit. Thank you Perry and Kelly for providing this resource. I am linking to your site on my blog!

  6. Avatar

    Great idea Dana! I’ll try to add some nail/lip stuff and certainly get your input.

  7. Avatar

    Looking forward to learning other systems outside of Lip/nail. Have you considered mascara/foundation/nail? I think emulsions will cover mascara/foundations. However, nail can be very interesting because of the biology of the nail (Nail Structure and Product Chemistry by Douglas D. Schoon was a good read). Also since nail is a very hard category to conquer in terms of new formulations, it might be nice to have a little blip on nail (I can help with that if you would like since Nail/Lip are what I know best.) Either way, I’m looking forward to the course!

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