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Article by: Perry Romanowski

One of the great things about doing this website and participating in the cosmetic science forum is we get contacted by people from all over the world with all sorts of cosmetic science questions.  And we are happy to answer pretty much any question that we can. cosmetic questions Usually, if we don’t know the answer we can send it out to our network of cosmetic chemists and get you an answer.  Best of all we do this free of charge!  Of course, since we don’t charge and it takes time to answer questions, we may not be able to get to every question.  But if you want to increase the chances that you’ll get your question answered, here are some tips to follow when asking.

Formulation Questions – One type of question we get is from people asking to solve some formulation problem.  Many of these can have complicated answers and cosmetic consultants get paid big dollars to answer them.  We appreciate having material for the blog so that is how we “get paid” for answering.  However, when you are asking a formulation question please consider the following.

1.  Search the website – The first thing you should try is to search through the Chemists Corner website or our forum to see if the question has been answered already.  We’ve got over 800 blog entries and we may have already answered your question.

2.  Share the ingredients – If you are asking about a formulation problem at the very least you should provide a list of ingredients that you are using.  Asking something like “can you tell me why my lotion is separating?” is not the kind of question we can answer.  You need to give a list of the ingredients.

3.  Share the formula – Ideally, you’ll give us the ingredient list and the amount of ingredients used in the formula.  The more information you can provide, the better.  And if you’re worried about someone getting your formula, well, that’s just the cost of getting your question answered.  Don’t worry, if someone really wanted to produce your formula they could easily copy it anyway.

Career Questions – The next most common question we get is about a career in cosmetic chemistry.

1.  We are not hiring – People send us CV and resumes all the time but we are not hiring formulators and we don’t usually have knowledge of any specific job.  If we do know of a job your best bet is to check in the cosmetic science forum.

2.  See our career page for what we’ve written about the subject – We’ve written extensively about a career in cosmetic chemistry.  See our career page and read through that before asking your question.  It may have already been answered.

Consulting questions – If you are looking for a cosmetic chemist to help you formulate your product.

1.  Tell us exactly the type of product you want to formulate – If you want to create a formula we need to know what type it is.  Cosmetic chemist consultants specialize in certain formulation types.

2.  Tell us where you are located – To best connect you with a cosmetic chemist in your area, we need to know where your area is.

We are happy to answer any cosmetic science question that we can and if you follow these tips it will increase the chances that we answer and also make it easier for us to do.

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