Cosmetic science innovation inspiration – 06

The slower holiday season is an excellent time for cosmetic chemists to brainstorm some new ideas to work on in the upcoming year.  So, try out this week’s innovation question and see what kind of ideas you can come up with.

Scenario 6

Suppose you were not allowed to sell any cosmetics that contained chemicals.  Assuming the need for cosmetic products doesn’t change, how would that change the cosmetic industry?


1.  Cosmetic companies would become become publishers and sell formulas rather than products.
2.  Formulators wouldn’t need cosmetic manufacturers to sell products.
3.  Raw material suppliers would have to sell ingredients directly to consumers.
4.  Formulating would become a service job.
5.  Store shelves at Walmart and Target would be empty or be books.
6.  More people would become experts at creating their own products.
7.  Chemical accidents in the home would increase.
8.  There would be a reduction in plastic waste.
9.  A black market of people who sell products to friends and family would develop.
10. Brands would not mean as much or anything.

Now it’s your turn.  How do you think the cosmetic industry would be different?

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