Cosmetic science innovation inspiration – 05

It’s been a little while since we’ve done an innovation question but here’s one that might make you think differently about developing your cosmetic product.

When you work at a cosmetic company, the thing that everyone wants you to do is to create a product that you can sell to as many people as possible. But instead of doing that, what would happen if you did the opposite? What if you customized your formulas so they could be sold to a specific group of people?

Scenario 5

How can you change your cosmetic formulas/product to make them customized?


Right now a product like skin lotion is made for the masses. There is some effort to differentiate skus by making them “extra moisturizing” or “intensive healing” but this is not customized enough. Think of how you could change your formula to make it so customized that it is made specifically for one consumer. Come up with as many ideas as you can. For example…

1. Match the color to the person’s skin color
2. Create a formula with a controlled rub-in time
3. Customize odor for person’s favorite
4. Add a signal on the packaging reminds customer to apply lotion when they need it
5. Determine exactly which ingredients work best on customer & make appropriate lotion
6. Create package that perfectly matches bathroom decor
7. Make package a work of art
8. Customize color to match customer’s favorite color
9. Put unique chemical marker in lotion to identify person
10. Customize shine level to customer’s desire

Now it’s your turn. What can you do to your formula to customize it for an individual?

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