Cosmetic Preservation – Some Definitions

This is a post by Nitesh Rajput

In my previous article I talked about natural cosmetic preservatives. To expand on that topic, here are some key definitions that will be helpful for anyone using natural preservatives to know.

Definitions for Cosmetic Preservation

ANTIBIOTIC – inhibiting the growth of another organism, used especially of a substance produced by micro-organisms which, in dilute solution, has the capacity to inhibit the growth of, or to destroy, micro-organisms causing infectious diseases.

ANTIMICROBIAL – lit. against a microscopic organism, especially a disease causing bacterium.

ANTIFUNGAL – lit. against a fungus.

ANTISEPTIC – an agent that causes the destruction, or inhibition of growth, of bacteria.

BACTERICIDE – a substance that destroys or is capable of destroying bacteria.

FUNGICIDE – a means of killing fungi.

PRESERVATIVE – a safeguard, a prophylactic, serving to preserve.

PROPHYLACTIC – guarding against disease, a preventive of disease.

GERMICIDAL – that which kills germs (a rudimentary form of a living thing, whether plant or animal – a micro-organism, especially a malign one).

DISINFECTANT – anything which destroys the causes of infection (where an infection can include diseases, pathogenic micro-organisms).

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