Cosmetic Market is Getting Bigger

I saw this article that is encouraging to cosmetic chemists and their potential to find jobs. The cosmetic industry is predicted to reach $333 billion in global world wide sales. This means more companies will be hiring more cosmetic chemists. Yeah!

Some interesting points from the article.

1. The teen market is predicted to be a big growth area. – Are you developing teen products?
2. Skin care products are predicted to grow the most. – Study up on your skin care.
3. Hair care areas are more competitive. – Tough to differentiate here.
4. Hair coloring is the fastest growing area. – Not many chemists specialize in this area.
5. Retailers are looking to do more online promotion. – Good news for bloggers.

And of course, there is always the fabled growth in men’s products but this one has been predicted since 1990 and I haven’t seen it. I remain skeptical.

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