Cosmetic Innovations for 2013?

As we start into the new year I always have fun going through articles that predict what will be the hot trends in the coming year. Mostly they are wrong but it does provide an interesting hint at things that might be big this year and further in the future.

Here is an article on the 100 things to watch in 2013. Let’s see if any of these things might affect the cosmetic industry.

1. 3D printing – You can print plastic pieces already. Could this be the key to customized packaging?

3. African tech stars – Maybe the cosmetic industry in Africa is going to show big growth.

4. Allergen-free. Admittedly, I had an idea for allergen free cosmetics called Tolerant Beauty. Maybe this is the year I should launch it.

6. Amazon – For anyone starting a cosmetic line, you’ll have to seriously consider using Amazon for distribution.

7. Apps – This may be the primary way consumer choose cosmetics.

10. Bee Venom – The hot new ingredient for 2013? Maybe.

13. Chia seeds – Another hot new ingredient. Look for it in your anti-aging skin care products because of the omega-3 fatty acids.

19. Direct selling – Cosmetic manufacturers may sell direct much more frequently.

21. Male-focused selling – More men going to supermarkets means more men buying personal care products for their families. This might change the way your products are marketed.

25. Detoxifying – Will we see a proliferation of detox cosmetics this year? Let’s hope not.

32. Faux meat – Probably won’t have an impact on cosmetics but I love this idea of Animal Free meat.

36. Frontier markets – Big companies haven’t taken these markets over yet. Could be just the place for a cosmetic entrepreneur.

38. Gender blurred toys – Will we see a return of gender blurred cosmetics? Remember the Metrosexual?

40. Green products – Eh, I’m skeptical we’ll see much more movement here. Green in cosmetics has been done.

47. Imperfection – Could there be a benefit to launching slightly damaged (looking) cosmetic lines?

48. Individual attention – Stores may hire people to tell consumers exactly what beauty products they should buy. Get your cosmetic line in there as a suggestion.

52. Robots – Will they take over the job of cosmetic quality control?

55. Medical smartphones – Could their be cosmetic smart phones too?

67, Offset thinking – Perhaps a marketing story is to demonstrate to consumers how your product offsets any damage it might cause.

68. Online groceries – Since personal care products are bought in grocery stores, it’s likely that a movement to online purchases will affect cosmetics.

75. Quiet Products – Is it time for a less noisy hair dryer? I think so.

83. Shopping hotels – A new outlet for high-end cosmetic brands no doubt.

85. Stand up desks – Cosmetic chemists know about standing. You can’t really sit down and formulate so we’re ahead of the curve on this one.

87. Sugru – I don’t know what this is or how it will impact cosmetics but it “looks like Play-Doh and acts like Super Glue” New hair styling product or exfoliator perhaps?

90. Teff – A new ingredient for food. Look for it to make a splash in cosmetics too.

94. Variable pricing – Could consumer products like cosmetics adopt this type of pricing? hmmm

95. Vegetable boxes – Can anyone say beauty boxes? You get sent a variety of cosmetics each month.

100. Yogurt shops – With the increased popularity of yogurt maybe it’s time to bring it back to cosmetics.

Well, there you have it. A look at some of the new things that may have an impact on the cosmetic industry in 2013. We’ll check back next year to see whether they did or not.

Have you seen anything that might be popular this year and adopted to cosmetics? Leave a comment below.

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