Cosmetic Innovation 08 – Mind Mapping

One of the key techniques that has helped me immensely in my career as a cosmetic chemist is the Mind Map. I have previously mentioned mind mapping in my post about setting goals but it occurred to me that I didn’t go into details about what a mind map is and how it can help a cosmetic chemist.

Mind map

A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas. It is a visual thinking tool that can help you organize your thoughts, connect unrelated ideas and come up with new ideas.

Uses of a mind map

Mind maps have a variety of uses that are beneficial to cosmetic chemists. Here are a few examples of when you might use one.

1. Brainstorming new product ideas
2. Solving technical challenges
3. Writing papers
4. Creating presentations
5. Writing marketing stories
6. Determining consumer needs
7. Studying and memorization
8. Planning your todo list
9. Taking notes at a conference or meeting

Basically, mind mapping takes a dull activity and makes it fun.

How to mind map

When I’m in a meeting, I like to use a blank piece of paper. When at my computer, I use a free bit of software called Free Mind. Click on the link to get your free copy.

The way it works is that you start in the middle of the page with some topic. If it is a meeting, you can just write the meeting subject. If you are brainstorming ideas, you can just start with a primary subject like “product ideas”.

Draw a circle around the initial word. Then come up with a related idea to the central topic. If you are in a meeting taking notes, just write your notes the way the speaker has organized them. For brainstorming ideas, just write down whatever topic comes to you.

Then simply repeat until you have written enough and come up with lots of ideas.

Here is an example of my mind map for goals. You can do the same for lots of topics.

Mind mapping is a great way to get your brain working, inspire creativity and speed up the writing process. You should try it out.

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