Cosmetic Industry Trade Shows

One of the people in my online cosmetic science training program asked what trade shows she should attend. I thought this would make a good post for cosmetic chemists in general. So here is a list of what I think are the best cosmetic industry trade shows that you should attend.

1. SCC Scientific Meeting – This meeting is held in New York every year in December. It is the premiere cosmetic science show and is well attended.

2. SCC mid year scientific meeting – This meeting rotates and is not as well attended as the annual meeting. However, the science is excellent and it’s a great opportunity to network. The next meeting will be held in St. Louis.

3. IFSCC Conference – An international conference held once a year somewhere different around the world. This is a great opportunity for cosmetic chemists to meet other formulators from around the world. The next one will be in South Africa.

4. In-Cosmetics – This show is held in Europe but the location moves every year. Last year in was in Barcelona and next year it will be in Paris. All the biggest names in European cosmetic suppliers are there. It’s a great show to meet new people and discover new technologies.

5. NYSCC Suppliers Day – If you are a formulator in the US, you have to make it to this show at some point in your career. Every raw material supplier of any significance attends. Great oppoturnities for networking.

6. Local Chapter SCC Suppliers days – If you can’t make it out to New York, you should certainly go to your local SCC suppliers day event. There are significant shows in Chicago, Minneapolis, and California. Check the website of the chapter near you for more details.

7. HBA – This show is more focused on the marketing of cosmetic products so it is a great one for entrepreneurs to attend. It’s quite a big show too.

8. PCHI – This one makes the list because I attended when it was in Shenzhen and I was pretty impressed. If you are selling anything in China, this show is a must.

9. Cosmoprof – This show is held in July each year and typically in Las Vegas. You’ll find contract manufacturers, testing houses, beauty brands and more. A great snap-shot of many facets of the industry.

10. Beauty Expo – To get connected with the salon and spa world, you need to go to the shows that attract people from that industry. This one is held in Las Vegas and it attracts a lot of visitors.

Do you have a suggestion for a trade show that we missed? Leave a comment below and we’ll add it.

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