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Frequently, we get messages here on Chemists Corner looking for cosmetic internship opportunities. Unfortunately, the number of internships are few and far between in this industry. However, there are some. Previously we listed some general sources for internships in the cosmetic industry.

Well, here is a specific opportunity for anyone looking to do an internship in 2013.

Amway Internship

Job title
Intern - Skincare/Cosmetics Formulation

Job Description
Amway Research and Development comprises 800 scientists, engineers, and technicians working in 65 state-of-the-art laboratories worldwide. Our team has generated over 950 patents and 850 patents-pending supporting a portfolio of over 450 innovative, science-based, high-performance health, beauty, personal care and home care products.

This internship is within Beauty Product Development, which is responsible for the design, development and scale up of a broad range of skin care and color cosmetic products to support Amway’s portfolio of beauty brands, including ARTISTRY, one of the top 5 selling global premium skin care brands. The intent of this internship is to advance our ability to support new product launches and deliver consumer-preferred products in the prestige skincare category.

The ideal candidate will apply learning’s from advanced academic training and/ or experience in cosmetic science to the development of new or improved product forms with targeted performance and sensory profiles. Job activity will include;

  1. Bench development, evaluation and characterization of prototype formulations
  2. Interaction with technical staff in a wide range of disciplines - Formulation, Process Engineering, Consumer Evaluation, Analytical Chemistry, Bioassay, Microbiology and Advanced Imaging. Interaction with other cross-functional partners will also include Corporate Marketing and Project Management.
  3. Delivery of an oral technical project presentation.

This is a Summer 2013 internship; qualified candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and one semester or more left of school to complete at the beginning of their internship. Candidates who have graduated are not eligible to intern. This position is located near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements
Undergradate or Graduate level student with training in a Cosmetic Science curriculum. Skincare or cosmetic laboratory experience is highly preferred.

Company Profile
As a $9.2 billion dollar pioneer in the direct selling industry, Amway has been helping the world live better since 1959. We support more than three million independent business owners and 14,000 employees worldwide who provide products and services in more than 80 countries. We are accountants and marketers, farmers and scientists, outstanding leaders and sought-after experts. Based in Ada, Michigan, Amway creates unique, high-quality health, beauty, personal care and home care products.

Amway brings together strong, collaborative people in a dynamic culture of mutual respect, support, and passion for the brand and product. We believe innovation drives winning performance, and we constantly challenge ourselves to be the very best we can in every aspect of our business. You will be surrounded by some of the best and brightest people in the industry. At Amway you will be in great company!

How to Apply

Please email Andy Davies at or visit our website to apply:

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