Cosmetic Formula Spreadsheet Template

If you’re interested in making cosmetic products from scratch but you don’t have fancy software to do it, you can easily make them using a simple spreadsheet formula.

Here’s a video that explains the process.  It allows you to make different batch sizes, calculates ingredient masses, and also costs out the formula.

Cosmetic Formula Template

10 thoughts on “Cosmetic Formula Spreadsheet Template

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    Stephine says:

    Love the spreadsheet. Huge fan from Nigeria, i was trying to download the excel sheet i could not. Can you please kindly send it to me thanks.

  2. Avatar
    Angelica Fiume says:

    Just want to make sure I am correct – the number in column ‘amount in batch’ is the weight? This is the percentage converted into grams?

  3. Avatar
    Hershey says:

    THANK YOU!! I’m so poor in knowledge on excel so I’ve been using MS word and calculating from scratchhhh. This has been my life saver!!

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