Cosmetic Chemists Guide to Trade Shows

The Midwest SCC Trade Show is this Wednesday. If you are going to be in the Chicago area, it is a free event and you should certainly attend. Here is the information for registering.

Cosmetic chemist & Trade shows

Going to a trade show can range from highly educational to being a complete waste of time. Here are a few tips to help you get the most benefit out of attending.

1. Start with a plan. Trade shows almost always publish a list of companies that are going to have booths at the event. Make a list of the companies that you must see and write down why. Bring this list with you and check it off as you visit the booths.

2. Take notes. You are going to see lots of different companies and will be inundated with information. It is not enough to simply collect the paperwork that they are handing out. Write notes on any information that you are given so you can remember why you found it interesting.

3. Write down ideas. Cosmetic trade shows are an excellent place to be struck with ideas. So, be sure you write down any new idea that you might have had while at the show. I find it incredibly helpful to carry a notebook around just for writing down ideas. Make them detailed enough that they will still make sense to you when you review them a few days later. You might try recording voice notes but I’ve always found this more difficult to review.

4. Bring lots of business cards. The people who participate in trade shows do it mostly to generate business and business leads. You are the business lead and they want to know you. It’s a fair trade for the information they provide you. So, be sure to bring a big stack of business cards. If you don’t have many, give them out only to companies who you want to hear from again. Of course, business cards are frequently used in prize drawings so you’ll want them for that reason too.

5. Network. One of the best things about a trade show is the opportunity to meet other people in the industry. Take some time to talk to people you don’t know and swap your contact information. Creating a big network of individuals is one of the most useful activities you can do at a trade show. The more people you know the more likely it will be that they can help you in the future.

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming event. If you have any other tips, leave a comment below.

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