Cosmetic Chemists Guide to the Top 20 Beauty Industry Companies

Every year Happi magazine does a listing of the top beauty companies. They actually do two rankings where they give the 50 top US companies and the 30 top International companies.  I always wished they did a compilation list.

Well, it turns out, they did. This article lists the top 20 beauty industry companies. Click the picture for the full list.

Filtered beauty company list

What I like about the list is that it separates out the beauty company part of the business from the rest of the company. For example, Johnson & Johnson is listed as the 9th company with $5.6 billion in yearly sales. However, J&J is more of a pharmaceutical company making over $63 billion a year in sales. Baby shampoo is profitable but it doesn’t bring in nearly as much as their drugs.

Why should cosmetic chemists care?

While this list is interesting from a trivial standpoint, it can also be quite useful to a cosmetic chemist. Here are just a few ways you can use the list.

1. Interview research – If you want to stand out when interviewing for a cosmetic science job, it’s helpful to know something about the company. This list can quickly get you familiar with your potential employer. It can also help you learn about the company’s competition. The more you know about the industry, the better your chances of landing a job.

2. Competitive research – If you already have a job, it’s good to know which brands go with which company. This can help you compare formulas and determine what raw material blends they might be using. This could help you in your efforts to knock-off their formulas. You can also see where they are using the same basic formulas for different brands.

3. New product ideas – This list gives you an idea of where these companies are putting their development efforts. It can help spark ideas on what areas you might want to pursue or even avoid.

Becoming knowledgeable about the companies in the beauty industry is a crucial part of being a well-rounded cosmetic chemist. Hopefully, this list has gotten you started.

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