Cosmetic chemistry for the public

One of the biggest problems in society is that people do not appreciate or understand science. This makes them prone to be easily swayed by the media, the government or marketing people. That makes for a worse society.

So, whenever I get a chance, I’m happy to talk to people about science. Since my career has focused on cosmetic science, that’s usually the topics of my talks.

Last week I participated in an event through the Illinois Science Council called the Chemistry of Cosmetics. It was about a two-hour event which included talking about various cosmetic science subjects and some hands on learning exercises. It was lots of fun (and held in a bar). Here’s a video from the event.

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I would encourage anyone to take advantage of any chance to talk about cosmetic chemistry to the general public. And if you don’t want to, feel free to contact me. I always like an audience. No doubt the result of being raised in a family with 6 siblings.

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