Cosmetic Chemist in the land of Oz

Well, it looks like the show that I was on was just broadcast nationally.  I personally have a difficult time watching and I haven’t actually done it yet.  In the past, I had no problems watching myself and was not self conscious, but sometime over the summer I started noticing what I sounded like and the way that I said things.  Then watching myself began to make me cringe.  It’s not going to stop me from appearing of course.  It’s fun and it gives a perspective that isn’t often heard on television.

If you are curious you can click on the picture to watch.

Dr Oz show appearance

Perhaps in the future I’ll get into a whole discussion about going on TV shows and remaining an objective, skeptical source (it’s NOT easy) but for now I’ll just put a couple of notes about the appearance.

1.  Dr. Oz and everyone on his staff were exceptionally friendly and kind.

2.  Getting the complete explanation of the science and explaining nuances of technology on TV is nearly impossible.

3.  When put on the spot, it’s very easy to say things in a way that you didn’t exactly mean to say them.

4.  There were a ton of people who work behind the scenes!  Over 30 people.

5.  Friends and family are really excited for you and the kind words and well-wishes make you feel great.

6.  While it was a bit nerve racking, it was also fun to talk about science in front of a large studio audience.  I didn’t even think about the millions watching at home.

I apologize if you can’t see the video based on your location.  In some places around the world it will not work.


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