perry romanowski cosmetic chemist
Article by: Perry Romanowski

Last weekend I got a chance to be interviewed on Fox and Friends about our new book It’s OK to have Lead in your Lipstick.  You can take a look at the video here.

perry romanowski cosmetic chemist

I have to admit that I haven’t watched it.  I kind of cringe any time I see myself on TV.  I don’t know why.  It is just really embarrassing and I’m very critical of what I say, how I say it, and how I look.  But people have told me I did a good job so I’ll go with that.



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    OMG! I’m the same way. You did an amazing job. Very simple, to the point and interesting. Great Job!

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    Good work.
    I am not surprised you’ve not watched it yourself. I have never seen any of the adverts, infomercials or the like that I have filmed for customers – and partly for the same reasons you stated. Partly because they have been shown in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and a few other South East Asian countries.

    I think I should treat myself to a copy of the book.

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    Jessie Desrouleaux

    Yes, Perry, you did fabulous job. You are knowledgeable and you educate all of us. Fox News should be honored.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks! It was actually a lot of fun.

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    I think you did a great job! You came across as knowledgable and assured with a calm and easy demeanor. Great job.

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      Perry Romanowski


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