Are Stem Cells a Revolutionary Cosmetic Ingredient?

A significant trend in the cosmetic industry is one loosely called “customization”. A number of consumers claim that they want products that are customized to their needs and desires, so marketers have come out with products to address that trend.

Cosmetic formulators have had to make hair products for all hair types (curly, straight, flat, dry) and skin products for different skin types. This has satisfied most consumers but marketers are always looking for ways to make cosmetics even more customized. I’ve seen a number of concepts that allow consumers to blend their own cosmetics in just the way they want. These products haven’t been terribly successful because I suspect consumers don’t really want too much customization, or at least they don’t want to have to work too hard to get it.

Here is a technology that is the ultimate in consumer customization…stem cells.

The company Personal Cell Services offers consumers a brand called U Autologous which is a line of anti-aging skincare products that incorporates the consumer’s stem cells into the customized product. The way it works is that they collect about 2oz of your body fat via mini-liposuction. Then they process the tissue to isolate the adult stem cells. Then they keep some of your stem cells in cryopreservation and take the rest and blend it into their U Autologous skin care products.

Talk about the ultimate in customization.

But does it do anything?

Not likely.

They offer no data beyond the typical clinical data that most any skin care product can achieve. They also don’t show a test with and without the treatment.

Color me skeptical on this one.

No word on how much this will set you back but no doubt it will cost a lot of money up-front. cell collection and storage is not cheap!

It’s unlikely this will make its way into the formulations that you will have to create however, it’s good to know that it is out there. You should anticipate one of your marketing partners to approach you with this brand new idea and ask why your company isn’t doing it too.

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