Are Cosmetic Companies Only Interested in Profits?

I see this claim a lot. “cosmetic companies are only interested in profits”

I call BS.

Here are a few examples where the cosmetic industry is not doing things “just for profits”

Sustainable cosmetic ingredients

Sustainable sources are definitely not the cheapest ones. But that hasn’t stopped some big cosmetic companies from doing something about it. For example SC Johnson going to sustainable palm oil sources only and Unilever is going to sustainable agricultural raw material sources by 2020 (but making big strides right now)

Environmentally friendly packaging

These are definitely not the least expensive types of bottles to use but P&G just made it’s Pantene bottles green. This isn’t going to do much for their profits.

While the cosmetic companies are definitely interested in making a profit, the claim that this is all they are interested is just wrong.

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