Anti-Cellulite – Cosmetic Products of the Future

The future of cosmetic chemistry may be changing. While being able to mix surfactants, emollients, occlusive agents, and other cosmetic raw materials in the proper ratio to get excellently performing products is important now, it just might give way to products like this anti-cellulite invention.

The makers of Flexees have introduced a pair of slimming shorts / tights that are infused with anti-cellulite ingredients including Caffeine, Ceramides and Retinol. Theoretically, the product immediately slims the wearer but also helps to reduce cellulite over time.

You can see their video here.

[youtuber youtube=’’] Of course, the model they use sure doesn’t look like she needs an anti-cellulite product!

While I don’t believe the product will work any better than an ordinary pair of shape wear, it does point to a new skill that cosmetic chemists should develop. That is the skill of working with fibers. Someone had to figure out how to infuse the fibers with those raw materials.

Someone also had to figure out for the marketing people what ingredients consumers believe are active against cellulite.

Anti-cellulite ingredients

Here is what the product makers believe has an effect on cellulite.

Vitamin E
Fatty Acids
Aloe Vera

Here is what the science says. According to a review article published in Dermatologic Surgery

” At present, it can be safely stated that there is no topical medication or manipulative process to which advanced cellulite visibly responds in a treatment period of less than 2 months.”

And a more recent review published in the Seminars in Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery.

“There are many cosmetic and medical treatments for cellulite. However, there is little clinical evidence of an improvement in cellulite, and none have been shown to lead to its resolution. ”

So, while this company might sell an anti-cellulite product and it certainly has an immediate effect like all other nylon fiber products like this, it’s highly unlikely that the infused raw materials will have any extra benefit for the consumer.

I will be curious to see how well this product sells.

Cosmetic innovation

While this product is most likely just puffery, the idea of infusing a fiber with some active ingredient to deliver it to the skin is an interesting one.

Can you think of a new product idea in which your cosmetic ingredient or active is infused in a fiber that the consumer wears over night. Perhaps something to treat dark circles under the eye. Or maybe even a long lasting sunscreen or moisturizing product.

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