Article by: Perry Romanowski

I don’t know why but there seems to be a desire by consumers (at least according to some cosmetic manufacturers) to put food on their bodies as cosmetic treatments.

There is beer shampoo, egg facial masks, and honey hair treatments. This brand Dairyface has embraced the trend with their Dairyface line of skin care products.

They really play up the idea that people want cosmetic products that look like food. For example, they use containers that look like yogurt cartons. Then their products are yogurt based or milk based. They even forgo the typical preservatives and instead tell people to refrigerate to ensure freshness and to use by the expiration date.

I don’t know about these products. I don’t think it’s such a great idea to go around using unpreserved cosmetics.

However, Dairyface does stay true to their niche. They even say you can eat the products although they also say it wouldn’t taste very good.

We’ll see how well they do. I suspect they will always remain a niche player. Having to refrigerate your cosmetics doesn’t sound appealing.



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    I’ve seen erasers that look like food, markers that smell like food, hair accessories that look like food. I think everyone is just food-obsessed and the cosmetics industry is just catching up with the trend.

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    I remember Oksana, the founder being a member here that contributed to the forum a while ago.
    Personally I think the marketing and the site looks posh and different.
    However no ingredients lists and ‘testimonials’ are deal breakers for me.
    And I would NEVER buy nor use unpreserved eye creams, that is simply asking for trouble!

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    Nancy Liedel

    I was in a store today looking at the outside of a box with a bottle of, “preservative free lotion,” that had expired weeks ago. I know it could not have held up that long. I wanted to tell someone, but I’m about to pitch to this store and don’t want to blow it by being nasty about another companies product. I don’t know what to do about it. She listed Grapefruit Seed Extract and she’s big around here. One of the four major players on all the shelves.

    I do make beer soap. Why? Wild, crazy, insane BUBBLES! Hardens fantastically. Sadly, does not smell like beer. I do use a couple of local brews which add interest and honey in the beer soap. Keeping that from a volcano is not easy. Ice water bath for all of the process till molded.

    I also use yogurt, and draw the line there. Yes, there is a difference and it’s just the feel. I detest the scent of Goat’s Milk while I make it, so it’s out. I get locally made stuff, and that’s beneficial for everyone in MI. We’re sort of at the last end of any potential comeback in this economy.

    Anything that needs to be fridged, except a nice facial mist in summer, because it’s cooler and delivers some benefits, strictly by the preserved ingredients, is nice. However, no fridge is required and I’ve pretty much killed my anhydrous butters. No one deserves a pile of melted ooze, instead of a nice massage bar.

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