Episode 25: Alex Westerberg - Cosmetic Science

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Interview - Alex Westerberg

Alex Westerberg is the Research Director at Cosmarts where he enjoys formulating cosmetics products, and oddly enough, knows the do’s and dont’s of the European cosmetic legislation. He speaks fluently in five different languages, including sign language. He is a highly academically educated cosmetic chemistry rockstar in the European cosmetic industry. Welcome to the program Alex!

You can connect with Alex at Cosmarts.com

Cosmetic industry stories

Animal testing ban delayed?
French chemical regulations

1. Dried licorice root fights the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease

2. Notre Dame researchers develop paint-on solar cells

3. In third-degree burn treatment, hydrogel helps grow new, scar-free skin

Cosmetic Industry

How to label a cosmetic product

My first experience with cosmetic labeling came in college when I turned over the bottle of a shampoo and looked at the ingredient list. It was right around the time when I was learning how to name chemicals and I was confused why I couldn’t recognize almost any of the ingredients. It turns out that the cosmetic industry doesn’t follow the IUPAC system which is what they teach you in college. It follows the system set up by the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) as described in the INCI Dictionary. See our previous post on cosmetic labeling and the naming conventions in it.

But the ingredients names in your formula are only part of the labeling process. You also have to follow the labeling rules laid out by the FDA that affect ingredient order, placement on the label, text

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Cosmetic Science Programs Around the World

A list of cosmetic science schools and other programs that teach you how to create your own cosmetic formulas and beauty products. If you are truly interested in making products like it is done in the cosmetic industry or in getting a job as a cosmetic chemist, the following courses are legitimate programs recognized by people and companies in the cosmetic industry.

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