A pill that makes you smell better?

We’ve previously talked about the beauty with-in trend in the cosmetic industry but this idea has inspired me to talk about it some more.

While most beauty from with-in ideas are all about ingesting something to stimulate cells in hair or skin cells to improve some characteristics, this idea from artist Lucy Macrae takes the idea to a new level.

Her Swallowable Parfum is a cosmetic capsule that is supposed to enable people to emit a genetically unique scent. According to the website, the technology involves fragrance molecules that are excreted through the skin surface when people sweat. This leaves odiferous droplets that emanate a unique scent.

Clever idea

I have to say, while I doubt that this would actually work, it certainly is a clever idea.

The artist says that the product was developed with a synthetic biologist named Sheref Mansy so there is some scientist behind it.

But color me skeptical. I know ingredients like Garlic are supposed to be able to go through your skin and produce an odor & certainly people’s diets can affect the way they smell. However, I doubt you can actually control it to any great extent.

I would love to be proven wrong however. If anyone can get me a sample, I’d be happy to test it out.

Incidentally, this product was produced in the EU but it would require very little testing to be sold here in the US. Our food supplement industry is woefully weak on regulations and you can pretty much sell whatever you want as long as it can’t be proven to kill someone. This is a huge hole in the US FDA system.

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