A new kind of crowd sourced innovation

One of the last things I was working on at my former job was innovation. I am a big fan of innovation and believe that the cosmetic industry sorely needs some significant improvements. The products really have not changed significantly in the last 30 years and I’d like to see that change.

That’s why I’m constantly on the search for new ideas that I believe could lead to truly innovative new cosmetic products. Open innovation companies like Innocentive are one approach where a community of scientists are given problems from industry and challenged with coming up with solutions. Unfortunately, this approach hasn’t been terribly effective in the cosmetic industry. Perhaps the problems are just too complicated or not well-defined enough. Or perhaps the entire system is backwards.

That is what the folks over at Marblar.com think. They’ve switched the system around and encourage scientists who have already developed technologies to post the innovation and then have companies figure out what they can do with them. This seems like a brilliant idea. The solutions have already been found. Now, they just need problems. If you’re looking for new cosmetic technologies, this just might be the place to go.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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