A Cosmetic Chemist at the Museum of Science and Industry

Here in Chicago we have an excellent science museum, the Museum of Science and Industry. I make a trip there almost once a year and always have a great time. There is much more to see and read than I could ever have time to do in a single day. Yesterday, I went with my three nephews and had fun going through the new Mythbusters exhibit. It was interactive and featured experiments on blowing houses down, testing whether the buttered side of toast would end up or down, throwing cards, testing your reaction times, and more. I really appreciated how they tried to reinforce the idea of experimenting and testing hypotheses.

One thing that would be nice is if they had a cool cosmetic science exhibit.  I wonder how one would go about getting the museum to do this.  hmmm

Here’s a shot from one of my favorite exhibits, the “complete” periodic table. When it was made, they obtained samples of every element on the table that could be safely displayed. Here’s my favorite element.

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