A Chemical Free Anti Aging Cosmetic?

Chemical free claims always bug me. You see them a lot in the sunscreen market where people claim “chemical free sunscreens.” For some reason they don’t see titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as chemicals. But they are chemicals! Every substance is a chemical.

Chemical free anti aging cosmetic

So, how is it that this headline is about a chemical free anti aging cosmetic? Well, it’s based on this story about research carried out at Jena University. Researchers found that when people surrounded themselves with other people who were much old, observers judged the younger people to look even younger than they really were.

That means you can create a chemical free cosmetic. Just get a bus full of senior citizens and hire them out to follow people around who want to look younger. A totally new and innovative beauty product.

And it really is “chemical free”. (Except for the chemicals in the people of course).

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