7 Websites for cosmetic chemist innovation inspiration

You should be familiar with all the website dedicated to cosmetic science such as the various industry magazine websites, the regulatory websites, and the cosmetic chemistry blogs. We’ve previously written about all of them.

However, to break out from the crowd to develop really innovative ideas, you’ll need to keep tabs on what is going on in other areas of science. There are some great websites to help you do that. Here are 7 of our favorite, non-cosmetic science focused websites that will be useful to cosmetic chemists.

Discoverybuzz.com – Here is a website which will keep you updated on the latest, coolest discoveries throughout the world of science. Most relevant are the Biology and Chemistry categories.

Discover Magazine – Some of the best online writing about science. All categories are covered but the Health & Medicine articles as well as the Biology and Chemistry ones are most applicable to cosmetic science.

Eureaklert – One of the best aggregators of scientific news releases from all over the world. Every science topic is covered and you get the latest news. A great place for new ideas.

The Naked Scientist – They do an excellent, entertaining podcast but they also publish a number of articles about general science topics. Check out the biology, chemistry, nature and medicine categories for new ideas.

The Why Files – An interesting application of science to the news. This site isn’t specifically focused on chemistry or biology but it provides an interesting look at how science is applied to every day news stories.

Science Daily – Another aggregator of science news releases. This one is organized a bit better than Eurekalert but covers many of the same topics. Excellent source for new news.

Wired Science – Really interesting general science topics. Often you’ll find something that can inspire a new idea in your cosmetic formulation efforts.

Do you have any websites that were particularly helpful to you? Leave your comment below.

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