10 Gift Ideas for the Cosmetic Chemist in your life

While you’re out on the black Friday shopping spree, don’t forget about the cosmetic chemist in your life.  Here are 10 gift ideas that any chemist would love.

1. Cosmetic Science books
Nothing says Happy Holidays like the gift of knowledge. Some excellent choices…

Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry

Harry’s Cosmeticology 8th Edition

Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition

2. Cosmetic Chemistry kits

While most cosmetic chemists will create formulas at work, the aspiring cosmetic chemist might not have access to all the chemicals she’ll need. Or she might want to share a creative activity with her children. Here are a couple of excellent cosmetic chemistry kits.

Sophisticated Science Perfume Science kit

Creative Cosmetics:The Science of Skincare

3. Lab Equipment

Digital Pocket Scale
– In case you are out of the lab and you need to do a little formulating on the run.

Or how about a cool mixer?
Talboys 101 Light Duty Overhead Mixer

4. Complete Cosmetic Chemist training program

You can never get enough training and if you don’t know about all the different areas of cosmetic science and formulating, this course will get you started.

Sign up here

5. DIY cosmetic books

Learning the science of cosmetics is great but you need some recipies to start somewhere. Here’s a book that will help the cosmetic chemist on your list make their own color cosmetics.

Recipes for Color Cosmetics

6. Music

You might not know that the coolest cosmetic chemists are really into cutting edge music. If you don’t know their tastes, try one of these science-themed albums.

Here Comes Science – They Might be Giants

Feed the Animals – Girl Talk

It’s Blitz! (Deluxe Version) – YYY 

7. Clever T-Shirts

Chemists are proud of their jobs so why not get them a shirt to show it off. I particularly like this shirt which has the saying “Bond…Ionic Bond” “Taken, not shared”.

Bond, Ionic Bond Chemistry Dark T-Shirt

Or how about this Chemistry Bacon t shirt

8. Molecular modeling kit

Sure you can do these things on the computer but having a molecular modeling kit right at your desk is a cool thing for a cosmetic chemist to have.

Molecular Modeling Kit

9. Chemistry Mug

Almost every cosmetic chemist drinks coffee and the ones that don’t drink hot tea. A chemistry mug is a great gift idea. Here are a couple of options.

Glass Beaker Mug with Handle 400ml

Konitz 15-Ounce Science Chemistry Mugs

10. Chemistry Set

If you don’t have a lab at home, can you really consider yourself a chemist? hmmm. Get the cosmetic chemist in your life this chemistry set so they can work on their ideas any time they want.

Chemistry Lab Set – Advanced Level AA

What do you want for the holidays this year? Leave a comment below.

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