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When my group started the Beauty Brains in 2006 there were a couple thousand beauty blogs.  It was the early years of blogging but we were still relatively late to the party.  But we did have a unique angle and a tenacity for keeping the project going so 6+ years later we are still writing and going strong.  In some polls we are in the top 5 of all beauty blogs.  That’s pretty cool.

Beauty Blogs and cosmetic chemists

Of course, this website is for cosmetic chemists so I’ll try to bring it back to you.  There are a number of reasons you should be reading beauty blogs.

1.  Product ideas – You can find out what problems people most want solved.  And you can see what kluge consumers have invented themselves.

2.  Product opinions – You can learn what passionate consumers think about the performance of certain products.  There is nothing like a blog to reveal all of the flaws of yours (and your competitor’s) products.

3.  Trends – You can learn what products are most interesting and what is resonating with consumers.  Beauty blogs have thousands of followers and you can discover what they are thinking about right now.  Very helpful information for your marketing group.

4.  Getting opinions – Once you establish yourself as a follower of their blog you can ask specific questions of the blogger.  You don’t even have to reveal your own identity if you don’t want to.  As long as you are using the information to improve your formulas, there really isn’t a problem with it.

Top Beauty Blogs

So, now that you see the utility of beauty blogs, how do you know which ones to follow?  Well, here is a decent list of the top 100 beauty and fashion blogs.  They are not all beauty product related (lots of fashion stuff) but there are plenty that are.  If you are not following at least a few beauty blogs, you are missing out on some excellent new product and consumer feedback.

Do you have any suggestions for blogs that are great to follow?  Leave a comment below.


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    Thanks for the link to the top 100!
    Pollyanna has a point… I’ve been reading FutureDerm for the reasons noted on the list – the author of that one really does get into the scientific literature! I’ll check out some of the others on there, too.

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    This is a good perfume blog to follow:

    It’s written by a “trained nose” who keeps abreast of trends in the fragrance industry with a critical eye on quality and an insider’s perspective.

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    I agree those blogs can help keep you abreast of new trends, but the VAST majority read like QVC’s cosmetics section. Even those that claim to be “science-based” or “a source for expert opinion” offer little insight besides the sound bites from the manufactuerer’s marketing department.

    Most of these blogs seem to exist to justify or new and exciting treatments or products that have not been properly vetted or researched. Instead of offering consumers realistic expectations about these products/treatments (lasers/ultrasound are the most frequently mentioned), these blogs perpetuate exaggerated claims.

    (I’m not a fan)

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      I agree that much of what you get on beauty blogs is inauthentic and regurgitated press releases. However, if you read with a critical eye you can spot trends and find authentic responses to product experiences. The negative reviews are always the most enlightening.

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